Our Dental Services Overview

Kensington Dental Care provides a full range of services for every member of the family. We also provide specialisation referrals where required to Adelaide's best specialists.

Our services are provided as a preferred partner of Bupa and HCF health funds. We also accept all other health funds including Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).

Please note for all services that Kensington Dental Care's policy requires full payment on the day of your treatment. We accept Cash, Eftpos, Visa and MasterCard payments. We also have a HICAPS facility allowing you to claim instantly through your private health insurance company.


General Dental

At Kensington Dental Care we strive to provide the best General Dental Care we can. We offer a full range of check-ups, oral hygiene and cleans, diagnostic and preventative services that are focused on early intervention of possible problems. We use the latest in digital low dose X-Rays, intra-oral cameras and thorough examination techniques to find and treat issues before they become bigger problems. We also focus on maintaining good oral hygiene and our friendly staff can place fillings and restorations pain-free to help maintain your smile


Family & Children Dental

Our fully qualified Oral Health therapists are able to provide check-ups, X-rays and treatment for your Children while our highly skilled dentists look after you. We focus on providing a great experience for the whole family ensuring that visits to the dentist are something to be looked forward to! We can also offer referral to specialist orthodontists and paediatric dentists for more complex issues your children may encounter.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are an option for replacing single or multiple missing teeth as well as supporting existing dentures. Implants can be the closest to your natural teeth in terms of appearance and function. Our team at Kensington Dental Care utilise digital planning in the placement, restoration and maintenance of dental implants and are happy to discuss your options in replacing your missing teeth to give you a functional and healthy smile.


Cosmetic & Whitening Treatment

The team at Kensington Dental Care offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help improve your smile. We offer a range of cosmetic options including veneers, crowns, bridges and implants to improve heavily restored, chipped and broken teeth. We can also perform Invisalign treatment to straighten crooked or crowded teeth as well as a range of whitening procedures to brighten your smile. Our team are happy to discuss your needs and what we can do to bring confidence to you and your smile.


Crowns & Bridges

Weak and broken teeth can cause a number of problems and may require a crown  to strengthen and protect them. Missing teeth can also be replaced with bridges. Our team at Kensington Dental Care believe the best restoration for your teeth is the one that will restore function and appearance to your teeth and are happy to discuss the best options to help maintain your teeth.


Emergency Dentistry

Our goal at Kensington Dental Care is to prevent pain and problems for your teeth but we know tooth aches happen. We offer a range of treatments to help diagnose and manage your pain. If you are in pain our team will always strive to help you as quickly as possible and get you smiling again.


Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment can be an alternative to the removal of a painful tooth. Root canal treatment is generally pain free and no different for you to having a filling done. Our team at Kensington Dental Care utilise the latest in root canal treatment as well as specialist referral where necessary to make the experience quick, easy and pain free. If your required your dentist will throughly explain all aspects of the procedure and make sure you are comfortable throughout.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems including pain, infection and crowding of your teeth and may require removal. Our skilled dentists at Kensington Dental Care offer removal of wisdom teeth including in chair and under general anaesthetic as well as specialist referral if required. We are happy to chat to you about management of your wisdom teeth and the best option for you.


Sleep Dentistry

Ask us today about sleep dentistry options today.